About us

Hi! We are Bart, Kris, Lore and Ruben. We are a family of 5, yes, we also have a dog named Spike. We have an active life as we both have fulltime jobs, our kids have a few hobby's and we also like to sport. But most important I (Kris) am passionate about traveling. Not only to have some relax time, but I like to be surprised by other cultures and beautiful nature. I started my Instagram account in september 2019, I was very ill for a while, and found that sorting out my pictures and bringing back all those good memories had a positive effect on my health just as all are trips did. My Instagram account became a part of my life, I got inspired by all those other families who share my passion for travel and photography, a new addiction was born :).


Maybe we can inspire you to explore a bit more of all those beautiful corners of our planet? Go to our trips and find out!


Working with us?

Traveling is our passion. That is why we prefer assignments related to travel.

Press trips: let us share your destinations with other families who like traveling or perhaps with the whole world! 

Competitions: give aways are a great way to give your brand more attention and convince new clients 

Product review: we like to test any travel related items for you and review them on our Instagram account and on our website

Brand Ambassadors: if there is a match between us and your brand we can go for a long term commitment!

Sponsored posts: we can create advertising posts or stories for you!

Want to go on a trip with your family... but where do you start?

You want to enjoy all the beauty of this planet too? You want to have quality time with your family in a country you've always dreamed of? 

Contact us and we make a travelplan for you!

That's right, we do all the research, you get all the fun: no surprises, the trip is adjusted to your budget, your wishes, the time that you have. We hope to meet you soon!!