A hike in 'Walk'

A day of hiking in les Hautes Fagnes ... Fresh air, just outside, plenty of chance of snow in winter ... blissful, right !? But you're not the only one who likes this. In winter, the entire Belgian population seems to come to this small area. So it is important that you know where to find the quiet places!

In the small village of Walk you will find this walk of 6 kilometers. Not difficult, few people, no problem to let your dog run free, children can take the sledge when it has snowed, in short, the ideal ingredients for a successful walk with the whole family!

In the center of Walk there is a small parking lot at the start of this walk. The path is clearly marked and getting lost is nearly impossible (we know what we're talking about, we could get lost in our own garden :)). During the first part of the trail you cross the meadows and fields, towards the end there is more forest, so no boring monotonous environment!

We saw deer and birds of prey on the way.

And an important detail: it's all for free ;)!