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I have to be honest here, Catania it's not my favorite city. So noisy, one big traffic jam, dirt everywhere, It seemed like nobody was scaring. But, if you manage to look through the dust and noise , there are certainly some gems to discover in this city:

- Monastero dei Benedettini: This was my personal favorite it's one of Europe's largest monasteries and now parts of the City University and one of Sicily's most important libraries. The buildings are just breathtaking! You can choose between a guided tour (entrance fee: €9) or you can just go around yourself and act like you’re one of the students.

- Piazza del Duomo: Unesco World Heritage Site, a crowded touristic hotspots but nevertheless worth a visit. Fontana dell ‘Amenano, the fountain at the Piazza southwest corner marks the entrance to the fish market (and a lot of good restaurants!).

- Cattedrale di Sant’Agata: at the Piazza del Duomo

- Via Etnea: probably the only street of Catania without garbage. Along the avenue there are some beautiful buildings from the City University, some are open for public. We were most impressed by the way Mt Etna rises majestically at the end of the avenue. If you like to shop: this is the place to be for you!

- Teatro Romano: Well preserved remains of a 2nd century Roman theater and now perfectly integrated in the city itself (entrance fee: €6)


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