The beaches

Isola Bella is a small island almost adjacent to Sicily. It is located in the Ionian Sea near the town of Taormina and is connected to the main island by a sand tongue. Because the sand tongue overflows into the beach of Taormina, the short walk to the rock island of Isola Bella is made in no time.

The beach of Cefalù is near a town of the same name. With 1.5 kilometers to look for a spot, you can always go there. You will also find a number of cozy beach clubs.

In the south of Sicily you will find the nature reserve Torre Salsa. Dunes, cliffs, grassy landscapes and beaches together, really stunning. There are a number of routes that run through the nature reserve and eventually take you to Torre Salsa beach. The beach of Torre Salsa is one of the quietest beaches in Sicily and therefore perfect if you want to escape the tourist areas of the island. 


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