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Spectacularly perched on the side of a mountain, Taormina is one of Sicily's most charming, but also most popular places. During summer months it's unashamedly touristy, but if you come here during spring or fall you can see the real beauty of this place.

Taormina was founded in the 4 th century BC, was an important place during the Greek era and later under the Romans, but fell into quiet obscurity after the Normans conquered the city.

There are two huge parking lots where you can leave your car at a reasonable price for a day (we payed 9 euros for a day).

Teatro Greco

Our absolute number one. Built by the Greek in the 3rd century BC, expanded by the Romans for gladiatorial games and still in use for concerts and performances, and the view... high above the Mediterranean, with Mt Etna looming on the horizon... the view is just perfect! On the opposite site you have a view of the Italian mainland.

The site opens at 9am and closes one hour before sunset. Entrance fee: 10 euros. 

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Corso Umberto I

The 'main' street of Taormina, take your time here to wander, eat some ice cream, watch people, enjoy the panoramic views form Piazza IX Aprile. Admire the beautiful Torre dell'Orologio, and the Piazza del Duomo, with a lovely foutain and a 13th century cathedral.

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Isola Bella

Next to the Porta Pasquale car park is a cable car that brings you in no time to the Mediterranean sea. It is less than a mile walk but a steep climb back to the centre. Only a few dozen meter for the cost line is beautiful Isola Bella, a tiny island set in a stunning cove, which was once home to Florence Trevelyan. It's her house that sits in silent solitude on top of the island. This place is the best for snorkelling or you can just relax en enjoy the bars and restaurants near the water.


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