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We were looking for a bit of sun during the fall. A simple Google search taught us that Sicily is an interesting place to visit during fall and the plane tickets were quite cheap. So no more reasons to stay at home: our flight and B&B were booked within a few minutes! We found the cheapest tickets on the site of ITA, the new Alitalia. We booked a good B&B at Although we would not recommend a stay in the center of Catania, B&B Bellini is a very good address. We were pampered for a week and all places worth visiting in the city are within walking distance. So why advise against staying in the city? Well, the traffic is really chaotic, it always took us at least an hour to get out of the city by car... not really a nice way to spend your holiday! In this article you can read more about our favorite places on the island!

Why traveling to Sicily in November?

What is the best time of the year to travel to Sicily? Click here to find out the pros and cons...

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Mt Etna

The most impressing (and still active!) volcano of Europe. Click here to find out more about this giant ...



A city that learned to live together with the threats of the active Etna volcano. Click here to find out where you can find the gems in this busy city....

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One of the most charming places of the island. Click here to find out what you may not miss when visiting this place...



Go back in time on this archaeological site from the ancient Greek era. Click here to find out more...


The Sicilian Coast

An island is often synonymous with paradise. This is no different for Sicily. Click here to discover the most beautiful spots of the island...


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