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First time Asia with our kids... A different culture, different food, different climat ... a big adventure!! We had to travel light, so we made this deal with our kids: they each got a little bagpack, and they were 100% to fill it themselves. Ruben chose his favorite toys: a crane and some cars; Lore wanted to take some books and pencils.

We started our journey in Bangkok. After a smouth flight we had our first reality check during our taxi ride to the hotel: the driver seemed to have some trouble finding the hotel, a cheap trick to make the ride less cheap... until our daughter had to throw up, she got sick because of the poor driving skills of the taxi guy, and in less than an minute we were in front of our hotel :) 

Hi! We are Bart, Kris, Lore and Ruben. We are a family of 5, yes, we also have a dog named Spike.

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Maybe we can inspire you to explore a bit more of all those beautiful corners of our planet? Go to our trips and find out!

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