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Copenhagen | Discover Copenhagen on a Budget

How to Experience Copenhagen Like a Local on Your Citytrip

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a wonderful destination for a citytrip. This city offers a unique blend of modern architecture, historic sights and a high-end culinary scene. In addition, Copenhagen is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world, so you can easily get around and explore the different neighborhoods. Discover the iconic statue of the Little Mermaid, visit the colorful houses along the picturesque Nyhavn Quay or enjoy delicious Danish cuisine at one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants. There is something for everyone in Copenhagen. In short, a city not to be missed!

Explore the Neighborhoods Beyond the Tourist Areas.

While the tourist areas of Copenhagen are certainly worth a visit, don't be afraid to venture out into the neighborhoods beyond. Nørrebro, Vesterbro, and Østerbro are all great places to explore and offer a more authentic local experience. Check out the local shops, cafes, and restaurants, and take a stroll through the parks and residential streets to get a feel for the city's true character.

How to get around: Copenhagen metro or bike rental?

Like every major city, think of New York or Paris, Copenhagen has an excellent metro network. If you arrive at the Copenhagen airport, you can immediately take the metro from the Copenhagen airport to the city center.The easiest way is to take a ticket for the duration of your stay. The ticket machines are in the airport itself. Copenhagen's metro network is brand new (2019-2020), well organized and not expensive. The subway trains run without drivers and whiz around as if it were an amusement park attraction. Be sure to sit in the front row once! Totally deserved, the Copenhagen metro has won awards as the best metro network in the world on several occasions! If you plan to visit a lot of museum, a city card which also includes public transportation might be a good option too.

But not only does Copenhagen's metro network score high marks, its cycling facilities are also top notch! Copenhagen has wide bike lanes and a separate light system for cyclists, allowing cyclists to fully participate in traffic. Not only is cycling safe there, you can also leave your bike with a peace of mind in one of the numerous bike racks scattered throughout the city. Most hotels rent bikes themselves for a low price. Perfect for getting out and about by bike for a few hours! You can do a guided bike tour too.

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