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Stay connected when you travel: eSim is a game changer!

Travel essentials

Do the names Nomad, Airalo or Holafly ring a bell? They promise you cheap internet when travelling (outside the EU) without separate SIM cards or other mobile numbers. We tried an eSim twice now: tested, approved and added to our list of travel essentials!!!

Revolutionizing the Mobile Industry is a plus for travellers: How eSim is Changing the Game

The advent of the eSim technology has brought about a revolution in the mobile industry, completely changing the game for consumers and service providers alike. This tiny yet powerful chip is set to disrupt the way we use and manage our mobile devices.

With an eSim, the days of juggling multiple physical SIM cards are long gone. Instead, users can now activate and switch between multiple mobile networks without the need for a physical swap. This means no more hassle of carrying multiple devices or dealing with incompatible networks when traveling. And you can keep using your own number, which is a huge advantage!

The convenience doesn't end there. eSim technology also offers increased security and privacy, as there's no physical card to be lost or stolen. Additionally, it enables seamless device-to-device connectivity, allowing smart devices like tablets and wearables to have their own independent mobile connections.

Leading mobile companies are already embracing this game-changing technology, offering eSim capabilities in their latest devices. As eSim gains wider adoption, we can expect to see a shift in how mobile services are delivered and experienced. Recent iPhones all have the option of activating an eSim. The Samsung phone of Ruben is new but hasn 't  got this feature, although this is an exception, most Samsung phones have the eSim option too.

smartphone stay connected

What is the difference between eSim and traditional SIM cards?

Traditional SIM cards are physical cards that are inserted into a device to establish a connection with a specific mobile network. However, eSim, short for embedded SIM, takes a different approach. It is a small chip that is already integrated into a device, eliminating the need for a physical card.

Unlike traditional SIM cards, eSim technology allows users to store multiple mobile network profiles on a single chip. This means that users can switch between networks without having to physically swap SIM cards. With eSim, the process of activating a new network becomes as simple as a few taps on the device's settings.

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Who are the major players in the eSim market?

Nomad, Airalo and Holafly are the ones that get the most positive reviews from users. I tried Holafly in New York and Mexico and I had zero problems. Easy to install, and connected in all populated areas. I install the eSim the day before we leave and activate as soon as we arrive and turn my own mobile data off.

Airalo offers more small data packages. This provider is the most interesting one if you don't need an unlimited data option. Nomad is a bit similar to Airalo. Holafly is the better choice if you need unlimited data (if you are active on social media, use your phone as gps, or want work or to see movies for example)

How do you install an eSim?

This is really easy-peasy!


Just go to the site of the provider and buy an eSim: search on the country you're going to, next choose the package that suits you most and buy it. You will get a code (QR and a regular code). Go to the 'Mobile data' in the menu of your phone and press on 'add eSim', you give the eSim a name (I chose 'Reizen' as you can see in the image). Activate by adding the code you got from the provider and that's basically it! Don't forget to switch your regular sim off to avoid roaming costs (I also switch off the roaming separately to be 100% sure!).

how to install an esim
how to install an esim
how to install an esim
how to install an esim

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