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hiking the ninglinsp trail

The Ninglinspo hike: spectacular hiking trail in Belgium 

The Ninglinspo hike: hiking next to the only 'mountainriver' of Belgium

The Ninglinspo hike is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts in Belgium. Situated in the heart of Ardennes, near the town of Aywaille, this trail takes you through a breathtakingly beautiful valley, complete with stunning waterfalls and crystal-clear streams.

map of the ninglinspo hike

The Ninglinspo trail has been rated as one of the most beautiful hikes in Belgium and is a must-visit for anyone interested in nature and hiking. It's a moderately challenging hike, spanning over 6 km long, has two routes, a yellow and a blue one and is taking around 3 hours to complete. 

As you hike through the valley, you'll encounter a series of waterfalls at various points of the trail, including the lovely Cascade de Bernister. These waterfalls offer a stunning sight to behold, and it's heaven for everyone who likes photography.


One of the highlights of the Ninglinspo hike is the footbridge that spans the river, offering spectacular views of the valley and the surrounding forests. This bridge is particularly stunning during the autumn months when the leaves change color and the valley is transformed into a kaleidoscope of colors.

The Ninglinspo hike is also a great opportunity to spot local wildlife, including birds and dear deer, in fact, we saw several! It is important to note that the hike is only accessible during certain months of the year, and visitors are advised to check the opening times and weather reports before starting the trail.

The Ninglinspo hike: what you need to know

  • There is a free parking lot at the start of the blue and the yellow paths

  • If you combine the blue and yellow pats you can avoid the large and less cozy roads (take the yellow path when you reach the view point!)

  • Don't forget your good hiking shoes, especially when it rains!

  • This trail can be crowded, but on a rainy winter day your have the whole track for yourself (or for your family, as we turned it in to a family hike)!

  • Don't forget to look around and enjoy, this is one of the most beautiful areas of Belgium!

hiking with family
hiking over the bridge
crossing the ninglinspo river

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