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2-Day Phantasialand Adventure with Teenagers - Tips & Tricks

Traveling with teenagers, everyone who has done it knows it’s challenging 😊. But I knew for sure a visit  to Phantasialand Germany would be a hit! In Rookburgh, the newest theme world we could call us members of the ‘Explorer Society’ for two days and return to the roaring 20’s, the age of the first aviators. It was an experience beyond all imagination… Read all about our two day itinerary in Phantasialand, a real theme park adventure!

The new heart of Phantasialand: Hotel Charles Lindbergh and Rookburgh

Rookburgh ... this is family travel in style! After our check in the Phantasialand Hotel Charles Lindbergh, where we got an aeronautical briefing and our boarding passes, we discovered our room for the night: a real aeronautical cabin. One for us and one for the kids (yes, there was some enthusiastic cheering when the kids heard they had a place for themselves!). All those cute little details in the cabin and whole Rookburgh… the picture was just perfect!

Phantasialand Hotel Charles Lindbergh

The F.L.Y., the newest roller coaster of Phantasialand flows literally through the hotel, past our cabin! The platform on the top floor gave us a good impression of how genius this world has been created. But Rookburgh is not just Hotel Charles Lindbergh and the attraction the F.L.Y. As ‘Explorer Society’ member you get a 3-course meal in the evening in restaurant Uhrwerk, and after that, there is Bar 1919 with magical bowls, smoky cocktails with fruits, candy, or even ice cream in it. A bit hungry during the day? No probs, ‘Kohleschipper’ provides you a hand-made sandwich and at Emily’s Schokoladewerkstatt there is hand-made chocolate and all the candy you can dream of! One thing is sure, we will not leave Phantasialand with an empty stomach after this theme park adventure!


Phantasialand The F.L.Y.
Phantasialand Bar 1919
Phantasialand the F.L.Y.

The worlds of Phantasialand

But Phantasialand is more than only the Rookburgh theme world. We also had plenty of time during these two days to discover the other theme worlds. From the great African atmosphere in ‘Deep in Africa’ till the Chinese Pagodes in ‘China Town’ and the colorful details in ‘Mexico’, when you like to travel all the beautiful details in these worlds feel very familiar! In the ‘Fantasy’ world we noticed a lot of activities also for little kids and the ‘Mystery’ world… well it was mysterious 😉. The Taron is located here, I felt the adrenaline just by looking at it!

But my personal favorite in the ‘Mystery’ theme world was the River Quest, a spectacular wildwater-rafting track… the best refreshment you can get on a warm summer day 😊. Bart’s favorite was the ‘Chiapas – DIE Wasserbahn’ in the Mexico theme world for similar reasons. At the Deep in Africa – Adventure Trail we felt all four like kids again, and we have to admit it, we have a soft spot for Africa 😊.  We had the best family-fun trying to beat each other at the Maus au Chocolat in the Berlin theme world, where you have to shoot with chocolate to mice (Bart: ‘the creative genius who invents this has the best job in the world!!’). Last but not least: every theme world has one or more restaurants with typical food. We had diner in Mexico and snacks in China, all in one day 😉.

Phantasialand Chiapas

Phantasialand 1 or 2 days

One of the advantages of being here more than one day is that you have some extra time to see one of the Phantasialand shows. We actually saw two of them: NOBIS, breathtaking acrobatics in perfect musical style and JUMP, not hard to guess what that was about 😊, it was really next level spectacular!

The most special moment? Getting the opportunity to wander around in the theme park after closing time, a very special atmosphere, particularly in Rookburgh, where the smoke came out of the sewer pits and gave it a mysterious touch… 

Phantasialand is located near Cologne, Germany. We visited Phantasialand with an ‘Explorer package’. Click here to find out more!

Phantasialand ticketprice: Adults: €54 - 61  and Children (age 4-11): €44-51

​Address Phantasial: Schmidt-Löffelhardt GmbH & Co. KG Berggeiststraße 31-41 50321 Brühl

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