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Madeira a small islands in the Atlantic, a little paradise that's being called Hawaii of Europe and that's not a lie! But don't expect clear white beaches and coconut trees, this volcanic island is rough and rocky. The island is an excellent destination the whole year through, it's always Spring here, flowers are always in bloom, the island is always green.

How to organize your trip to Madeira?

The island is only 27 km wide and 57 km long. But despite its limited size, it is a bit ambitious to explore the island from one place. A highway connecting the main points takes you quickly from one side of the island to the other. But if you want to use smaller roads to the starting point of a hike or to a lookout point, you will take you a few hours. Many visitors choose a place to stay not far from the capital Funchal, so they often only visit the east side of the island.So we chose three different places to stay during our stay in Madeira.

A good destination for traveling with kids?

Madeira is an excellent location if you travel with kids: the hikes are adventurous, there are much activities that kids love to do and the locals will welcome you with open arms! 



The capital of this beautiful islands. With over 100,000 inhabitants a vibrant place to discover. Read more ….

madeira island

The north side

The green north site of the island with the most beautiful hikes. Read more…

madeira island

The south

Explore the more tropical southern region, with beautiful coasts and spectacular views. Read more ...

Other interesting sites to visit when you want to travel to Madeira: Reislekker.nlReisjunk, Alleskids.opreis,

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