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Visiting Iceland: everything you have to know befor you leave!

Iceland, one of the most surprising places of Europe.

If you are planning to go to Iceland you're at the beginning of a great adventure. The enchanting land of Iceland, where rugged landscapes, geothermal wonders, and awe-inspiring natural beauty converge will surprise you. Whether you're planning a short getaway or will be exporing this extraordinary destination for a few weeks, this article will provide you with invaluable information on all the different aspects of this gem in the Atlantic Ocean.

Can I pay in euro's in Iceland?

In Iceland you pay with the Icelandic krona (ISK). But Corona changed a lot, also in Iceland. In most stores and restaurants you can pay with your credit card now.

Do I need a passport or visa for Iceland?

No, as a Belgian citizen you don't need an international passport. Your identity card is enough.

Do Icelandic people speak English?

Icelandic is the official language in Iceland, but most Icelanders also speak English and Danish. The island is very international orientated, they will whatever they can to help you!

Does it always rain in Iceland?

The climate in Reykjavik is mild rather than very cold. In the winter months, it often snows and the temperatures quickly fall to cold temperatures below zero. The summer months are more attractive for tourists to travel to Iceland (but you can't see the Northern lights during summer months!). Then Reykjavik reaches maximum temperatures of around 15 degrees. But if you are lucky you can enjoy temperatures of more than 20 degrees too!
More important than the temperature (there is no bad weather only bad clothing, isn't it!) are the hours of light during the day. In the winter months of December and January, you get approximately 4 hours of light per day. From February this starts to increase again to around 17 hours of light per day in the summer months.

Can you drink tap water in Iceland?

Yes you can drink tap water here! It is 100% safe! Iceland is an expensive country so if you're traveling on a budget, not buying water is a good way to save money!

Do you have to rent a car in Iceland?

It isn 't easy to travel by public transport in Iceland. From the airport to Reykjavik centre you can take a bus (flybus: approx €25 or regular bus: €3.5). But if you are not going on an organised trip or don't want to go on expensive tours, the best way to get around is to rent a car. There are several rental companies at the airport. A good tool to compare prices from rental cars is

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