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Iceland, a bucketlist destination

Despite the corona crisis, we decide to continue our trip to Iceland. Why? Iceland barely had  COVID-19 cases, the crisis was under control. Everyone who went to Iceland was tested at the airport upon arrival. We felt safe with these measurements.
Our flight is canceled while we were preparing our trip, but we are automatically rebooked to another flight. This happens again a few days before our departure day. It is all a bit chaotic, but there are flights to Iceland and we have a place on one of them, that is the most important thing!

Our way of traveling in Iceland ...

When visiting Iceland, there is often opted to drive around the ring road completely in 10 to 14 days (if you do this in one go, this takes about 18 hours) or for a shorter visit, a combination of Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle. I did this last combination 6 years ago as a city trip Reykjavik, very positive experience but you don't really get to know the country. In last couple of years we have been doing a lot of road trips where we visited a bunch of locations, but often in a superficial way, while we actually want to travel more consciously and focus more on enjoyment. That is why we now went for 'slow travel' to explore Iceland in a more relaxed way. We chose the west and the south of the country. The other parts are for next time :).

Before we left to Iceland...

We booked our flight with Icelandair. A conscious choice. This company has a very good reputation and offers security that you do not always have with large tour operators. Icelandair has flight entertainment on all their planes, so even on the relatively short flights the children can watch a movie or play games! It pays to monitor the prices for the tickets well in advance, sometimes there are suddenly interesting promotions!
We chose to leave from Amsterdam. Many airlines have interesting summer promotions from here (this also applies on Düsseldorf airport!). Your car can be left here for a long time for a low price.
Afterwards, with the corona crisis, both the choice of the place of departure and the airline proved to be the right ones. So we were very lucky !!

airplane icelandair

Traveling with kids in Iceland is easiest when you have a rental car. The prices for this can be high. So you should first ask yourself what you want: are you mainly going to look for the unique places off road or do you mainly want to take the ring road along which many interesting spots are located? The so-called F-roads are only accessible for 4x4 vehicles, entering this with a normal car can result in high fines and especially the F-roads near popular spots are being watched! The rental price for a 4x4 car is significantly higher than for a normal car. We opted for a normal car. Most rental centers have an office at Keflavik airport (either in the building or nearby, accessible by a shuttle bus). Most of them are opened 24/7. 

We found a good promotion price at Lotus car rental... and a very good service! And we got a discount code for any future travels. is a good website if you want to compare de different rental car companies.

There is no need to exchange money in advance. If you come from a European country you can use your bank cards like you do at home! You can pay anywhere with debit card or credit card!

You can use your mobile phone under the same conditions as in your home country (if you are from a European country). In most places you have good reach, even though there is no house in the surrounding area!

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2 weeks itinerary



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Everything you need to know before you leave

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