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a puffin in iceland

12 things you have to know about iceland

What you need to know about Iceland before you go

1. Book early!! If you want a place to stay that is not expensive this is the only option... 

2. Eating in a restaurant isn't that expensive, but it mostly gets expensive when you get a glass of wine or a beer. You always get free water. If you just stick with this water, your travel budget is safe!

3. Dress warmly: Iceland weather can get extremely cold, even in the summer, so make sure to bring layers and warm clothes. We were extremely lucky. We had two weeks of +20°C, so that's also possible!

4. Rent a car when you want to travel aroud Iceland: Renting a car is the best way to explore Iceland at your own pace. The country has many stunning sights that are best explored by car. You have to rent a 4x4 to drive on the f-roads.

5. Bring cash: Many places in Iceland don’t accept credit cards, so it’s important to bring cash with you. Although Corona was definitely a game changer here, credit cards can be used at many places.

6. Plan your route: Plan your route before you leave and make sure to check road conditions and weather reports. Don't let the conditions surprise you!

7. Bring a waterproof camera: Iceland is known for its stunning landscapes and unique wildlife. To capture these moments even in the rain or close to a waterfall, bring a waterproof camera.

8. Try the local cuisine: Iceland has some unique cuisine, including puffin, reindeer, and lamb. Don't be afraid to try something new but try to avoid the tourist traps!

9. Be respectful of the environment: Iceland has some fragile ecosystems, so it’s important to be mindful of your impact on the environment.

10. Be prepared for the midnight sun: In the summer months, Iceland has days where the sun doesn’t set. Be prepared for 24-hour daylight, which can sometimes disrupt your sleep schedule.

11. Plan for the northern lights when you travel between October and May: If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the northern lights. Research the best time (or use a good app) to see them and where to go for the best viewing.

12. Bring a powerbank: Charging your phone or camera can be difficult in rural Iceland. Bringing a power bank will ensure you don’t miss out on capturing those perfect moments.

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iceland hot spring

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