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Traveling in corona time remains difficult. But we find it even more difficult to put our lives on hold, to watch our children grow up without us realizing our dreams together. So we try to focus on what does work, and that is surprisingly .... a lot!
We like to take it easy and slow when we travel. No ticking off lists, but enjoying the place where we are with the four of us. Madeira has been on the bucketlist for a while. What's more, after some searching we found cheap tickets with TAP, they offer tickets from most European capitals with a stop over in Porto or Lisbon. At the stop over you have the option to stay 1, 2 or 3 nights in one of these two cities. We wanted to go to Lisbon on a city trip a while ago, but it got cancelled, so this was a good chance to do this citytrip in one go now. Flights from Amsterdam are usually cheaper than from Brussels and often a bit more reliable during summer holidays. I am not going to make a list of corona rules in this article, these are probably already outdated by the time this article is online!





Hi! We are Bart, Kris, Lore and Ruben. We are a family of 5, yes, we also have a dog named Spike.

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